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Maesa is the world’s

#1 beauty incubator in mass

In honor of our 25th anniversary, we want to pay it forward. The #MaesaMagicIncubator was created in direct response to the ever-present entrepreneurial access gap and aims to empower and amplify early-stage, underrepresented voices in the beauty and wellness sectors. Offering a holistic curriculum, dedicated mentorship, hands-on education and initial funding, the #MaesaMagicIncubator provides the tools necessary to build successful brands from concept to aisle

What We Offer

Maesa embraces the principle that investing in our communities yields shared rewards. By nurturing diverse ideas, we stimulate innovation and generate substantial financial impact, creating a ripple effect of shared success and collective growth. The #MaesaMagicIncubator offers three promising beauty or wellness CPG early-stage entrepreneurs from under-served communities the chance to bring their brand visions to life.





Our curriculum features 6 weeks of cross-functional training on how to set up your business for long-term growth


Hands-On Education:

The program includes 4 weeks of hands-on education in a customized track, along with 2 weeks of guided pitch deck preparation



$35,000 in financial grant support to kick-start the beginnings of your brand


Mentorship & Community:

Mentorship from beauty founders, Maesa executive leaders, and industry experts to guide your understanding of all-things beauty and entrepreneurship


On-Campus Workshop:

Admission into the “Future of Commerce and Work” program, hosted by the Emerson Group, located on-site at the Harvard Faculty Club (October 17th & 18th)


Publicity & Access:

Advertisements on CEW and Maesa handles and introductions to industry stalwarts



Program Map

6-week Lecture Tracks

Each week, entrepreneurs will dig deep into a specific track. Virtual 90-minute lectures will be conducted weekly by Maesa mentors for all entrepreneurs, together. Within that week, entrepreneurs will apply their knowledge in office hours with their assigned buddy. (No more than 1 hour per company).

Our goal is to offer high level learning in the classroom and do a custom deep dive for respective company with buddies. This will help to identify biggest need gaps which will shape the next 4 weeks of hands-on practice.

On-campus Workshop

In-person “Future of Commerce and Work” program, hosted by the Emerson Group, located on-site at the Harvard Faculty Club (October 17th and 18th). Trip includes a workshop, cocktails, learning and networking.

4–week Hands-on Help

During the first six weeks, entrepreneurs, in collaboration with their mentors and buddies, will have identified their largest gaps. 

Entrepreneurs will pick 1 track and create schedules with their mentors and buddies for the next 4 weeks to actively close these need gaps (No more 1-3 hours per week). THIS CUSTOMIZED APPROACH IS THE BIGGEST DIFFERENTIATOR AND A GAME CHANGER FOR OUR ENTREPRENEURS. 

During these 4 weeks, we will also organize buzzy panels or fireside chats with industry experts, Maesa founder partners, Bain Capital, etc.

The Final Pitch

Entrepreneurs will present their pitch decks to the industry experts.

While it is not a competition, upon successful completion of this step, entrepreneurs will earn $35K for their companies which they can apply towards their launches.



Product & Creative

Identifying and quantifying white space, cogs, product development costs, and discussing the creative process


Retail Math & Logistics

Understand retailer logistics, and how retailers evaluate product launches and performance


Supply Chain

Delve deep into the nexus of suppliers, procurement, freight, cogs, etc.



Learn investor lingo, how to raise funds, and an understanding of each financial statement and how they interact


Legal & Regulatory

Demystify contract creation and negotiation, understand nuances of different company types, and learn to protect and defend your intellectual property and ensure compliance with the law for product.



Create strong go-to-market plans that will drive trial and ultimately ROI for your business.

2023 Mentors

Founders + Experts

  • Mindy McKnight, Founder, Hairitage
  • Brooklyn + Bailey, Founders, ITK
  • Andrew Fitzsimons, Founder, Andrew Fitzsimons
  • Andrea Nagel, SVP of News & Programming (CEW)
  • Jaclyn Johnson, Founder & CEO of Create & Cultivate
  • Hui Chan, Managing Director, Bain Capital

Maesa Executives

  • Piyush Jain, Chief Executive Officer
  • Scott Kestenbaum, Chief Growth Officer
  • Oshiya Savur, Chief Brand Officer
  • Dana Steinfeld, SVP of Brand Incubation & Product Innovation
  • Ludovic Bertron, VP of Creative
  • Erin Keating, Chief Customer Officer
  • Carlos Lagravere, Chief Operations Officer
  • Zaheer Ferguson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Yara Martinez, General Counsel
  • Nadia Khan, Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing
  • Krista Lausman, Senior Director of Strategic Planning & Transformation

Eligibility & Process


  • Early-stage entrepreneurs identifying as being from under-represented communities
  • Must be at least 18 years old at time of submission
  • Business must be in pre-launch or limited distribution phase (<$100k in sales)
  • Must be a US-based incorporated business (Immigrants with legal permission to reside in the US are welcome to apply)
  • Must be beauty and wellness space

What We Need From You

  • Completed Application
  • Pitch Deck or a URL to a live brand website
  • Video Submission (1-3 minutes)
  • Top 10 applicants will be invited to an interview, with three companies being selected for the final program

2023 Timeline

This program features a 12-week action packed curriculum: 6 weeks of lecture-based learning, including an on-campus workshop, with 4 weeks of hands-on education with Maesa departments heads on areas of needs identified by founders & Maesa executives, and 2 weeks of pitch deck preparation for a final presentation to a surprise panel of experts.

JULY 20 - SEPT 8 2023

Applications Open

Applications being accepted; Submissions close 11:59pm EST at September 8th, 2023

SEPT 9 - SEPT 25 2023

Review Process

Interview invitations extended

SEPT 2023

Winners Announced

3 Winning Companies Announced!

OCT - DEC 2023


Program commences with 90-minute lectures, office hours, and the finalization of pitch decks

OCT 17 - OCT 18 2023

Harvard On-Campus Workshop

“Future of Commerce and Work” program, hosted by the Emerson Group, located on-site at the Harvard Faculty Club

JAN 2024

The Pitch

Program concludes with THE PITCH