Private Label

Private Label


The idea

The company had released limited edition makeup ranges before, but 2015 saw a serious statement of intent with the launch of H&M Beauty – a collection of 700 makeup and cosmetics SKUs. A year later, they focused on sustainability by launching the Conscious line of organic skincare and body care products. In 2017, the company appointed Maesa as their worldwide exclusive fragrance supplier. We were tasked with developing their own range of high quality fragrances that would outperform their existing ranges.

The products

H&M was keen to emphasize fragrance quality, so Maesa partnered with worldwide fine fragrance leader Givaudan to develop an “olfactive wardrobe” of 25 exclusive scents. In order to cover all styles and customer needs, Maesa recommended that they were split into 3 distinct groups, that H&M then named:

THE SINGLES: A playful collection dedicated to fragrance newcomers. This range of 10 direct, ‘love at first smell’ scents is available to spray and play (€5.99/20ml).

THE REVERIES: 10 beautiful facetted scents that reflect the latest olfactive trends and tell stories with names like Above the Clouds or Raconteuse, while offering amazing value for money (€14.99/75 ml EDT, €7.99/Body mist, €4.99/10 ml EDT).

THE ESSENCES: 5 rich scents built around iconic perfumery ingredients carefully harvested from renowned terroirs (€24.99/50 ml EDP, €9.99/10 ml oil).

All scents have been created by French perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Nisrine Grillé.

The results

Maesa provided full product development and production management to bring the unique H&M designs to life with the highest standards. Overall, our team brought H&M a comprehensive category management vision, from concept to merchandising, sampling and communication. The response to H&M press release drove massive and enthusiastic press coverage. At launch, THE SINGLES and THE REVERIES are distributed to 1,200 H&M stores worldwide, in all 47 markets that carry H&M Beauty. THE ESSENCES will be available in selected flagship stores and online.

25 exclusive scents
3 fragrance collections
1200 stores worldwide
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